A carnival atmosphere

I’ve done a few sportives, not lots, the Dragon Ride, Tour of the Black Mountains, Cheshire Cat, Etape du Dales and while the standard of event has most likely improved as the years have passed, both my riding partner Mark and I thought the Iron Mountain Sportive was the friendliest, least fussy, best organised, scenic event we’ve ever done. Stacks of free parking, a wonderful atmosphere at the Gros-mont feed station (thank you to the ladies there) and not having to prove your identity at sign on simply added to the enjoyment of the day. A 9:30 start time is very civilised too:- Earle

A large team of professionals and volun-teers are on hand to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Accredited mar-shals escorts the groups of riders from the start and through the town.

Connor at work on the Tumble Mountain

I totally agree. Loved the mass start. Far nicer and safer than going off in dribs and drabs:- Glynn

Motor cycle paramedics and marshals, mobile mechanic and a following broom vehicle to get you home if all else fails.

John Morgan waiting to assist you

My first Sportive but very relaxed, well organised, friendly and easy. Thanks also to the support vehicle who kept a check on us ladies at the back of the 40 miler but never at any point made us feel pressured. Fantastic event and we are going to bring more from our club next year:- Thank you Zoë Claire xxx